Wednesday, March 4, 2009

It snowed.....It snowed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Who says it doesn't snow in Statesville, North carolina? We had a Winter Blast come through our area Sunday about 7 pm. It snowed for several hours and I'm talking huge flakes! By morning we had about 6" of white fluff! The trees had ice and snow covering them.My daughters pony and our mini horse friend played tag and made snow angels ! it was quite humerous! Gunner dog had a blast too! It is just about gone now waiting until next year to come back and visit.
Here's a few pics of Taylor and gunner. Since we live in the South we don't own much "snow" gear or a sled so we improvised with a garbage bag to ride down the small inclines at the house! What fun!!!



CraBBy GaBBy said...

How Pretty is that! It truly was a winter wonderland....Looky at that dawg and pony!! Sliding down on a garbage funny, now that is primtive, ya made do with what'cha had. Looks like Taylors teeth are grown in :)

Rustic Tarts said...

It looks all magical and I love your dog!
Here in Australia it is all brown and we are longing for rain and winter.

Jenny said...

I spent two hours the other day checking out all of Vermont, online! lol SNOOOWW!!!!

We have been 70's lately!

PS. I have bestowed you with a Kreative Blogger award. Do with it what you will hon!~~

Doreen said...

Very, very pretty! Sounds like you are a snow lover as I am!


Adriana Whitney said...

I love snow, how fun! I live in Houston so here is hot.
I also came to tell you that I tagged you. Go to my blog for details.
Hugs ♥