Sunday, May 10, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!!

Happy Mother's Day everyone!! I woke up this morning went out to the deck and just thanked the Lord up above for the day! What a Be-a-u-tiful day it is too! The sun is a shining and not a cloud in the sky. I don't think we are going anywhere today? I would rather stick around and work in the yard and watch the baby red fox play on the hill. Yes we have a den with 7 babies. They are about 6 weeks old I would guess. I had taken some pics a couple days ago and couldn't get them loaded. But voila! I have them now! I did call the wildlife dept. in Raliegh because I was afraid of them being rabid. The young gentleman assured me that they were not. If they had they would not have survived over 48 hrs. I was so relieved! They are so flippin cute! They romp and jump just like dogs. I did get about 5 ft. away from them and the just stared at me. The Mother and the Father have been seen as well. I also read that they will stay with thier Mother until fall.The young man said that they would probably leave soon so enjoy them and not feed or try to pet them. DARN !!! I also have a pic my red fox (Simba) and my precious little sweetie Taylor.What hams huh? Then I snapped one of Lightening, our visiting mini, swapping kisses with our neighbor's mare through the fence! Isn't that funny!

Well I shall babble no further and wish you all, again, a very Happy and Relaxing Mother's Day!!

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