Saturday, June 28, 2008

Spooky Time Jingles

I am sooo excited to announce that I will be selling on this wonderful new site! Spooky Time Jingles is a combination of Hallowe'en and Christmas that will be sold all year round!!! Are YOU excited????? Two of my favorite Holidays being sold at the same time !! Spooky Time Jingles will have it's Grande Opening on July 13th !!! If you LOVE these Holidays as much as I do you don't want to miss out! There are so many talented Artists that will be offering thier Art! If you want to check this out a little more I have the Blog listed on my Favorites list. I also have added a slideshow of past Hallowe'en works to the left. I will be adding Christmas here soon.Wow! I must get going to create....cracking the whip!! Until next time.....

Friday, June 27, 2008


Well it's almost the first of the month which means that the PFATT MArketplace will be having thier Christmas in July!! Yes it's gonna be a "Holly Jolly Christmas".I a really trying to have several pieces done for this...again the key word is trying! I did manage to list my first Hallowe'en doll on Ebay! She is just adorable and so Prim with her hooked scaredy cat rug. Well I must go and get something done before I have to take Taylor to get her hair trimmed. Have a great weekend!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

New Dollie

Just wanted to share this Dollie that I added to E-bay this evening! I haven't made an old looking rag doll in a while. I haven't hooked a rug in a real long time too! Hope you enjoy and if you feel the need to own her here's the link:

I'M BACK !!!!

Hi folks! It's been along time! Well i have been so busy! School is out and I had tons of yard work to contend with! LOL!! Of course making my dollies! I hope all is well in blogland! I have been trying to visit some blogs here and there going to try to do better. Anyway I have some pics to share! My wonderful daughter Taylor with one of our feline friends Simba, my beautiful fountain with trailing petunias and that crazy monkey grass! Oh that stuffs grows like wild fire! The last pic is of 3 of my kitty's and my fluffy dog gunner. They all sat under that tree and let me take that pic. What a hoot! There are 2 kitty's missing Callie and Sidney.Sid was rolling in the grass and Callie is to afraid to come out!