Sunday, November 30, 2008

New creations on E-bay.......

Man talk about running behind! See that ole sinus infection that I thought was causing my teeth to ache well........that turned into a ROOT CANAL!!! Oh yes my friends! Here's the thing I had just had these 2 top mollars filled about 7 weeks ago.I had some issues with them after the fact but just blew it off.I had NO problems prior to these getting filled.So low and behold go to the Dentist that filled them and he says I need a root canal or extraction. He said he would go with the first. Easy for him to say since I'm such a Hypochondriac! Well had this procedure done on the 25th.So...right now I guess I'm doing ok and I found a NEW Dentist to make the crown and to fill the other 2 cavities I have.OMG!!! Don't wish this on anyone!So as far as creating I fianlly got these pieces done which had been sitting and staring at me for the past week or so!They are on E-bay and will end on Thursday the 4th.Now I'm off to finish some more pieces and get my Ornie swap for PFATT packaged up. Until nextime.................

Sunday, November 23, 2008

My Christmas Tree is up YAY ME !!!!!!!!

Some may think it may be to earlier to decorate for the Christmas season but it just doesn't last long enough! I had bought a new tree a 9ft one and the spot I wanted to place it in wasn't going to work hmmmmmmmmm could it be that my dear hubby didn't want to move the TV armoire??? Sooooo we resized it to a 7ft. tree which is still just as sweet! Taylor helped decorate it.Then we put our lights up outside.Still a couple more things to do but the tree is the biggest project.I think Santa will be able to find his way don't ya think? Here is a pic of Gunner dog with his antlers on! He wants to be Santa's lead reindeer! If you read this Santa gunner says he would work for bones and a bite of mac-n-cheese! He is the sweetest dog! Well I must get crackin on the rest of the decorating and sewing !! Until next time friends!

Christmas Past 1971 !!!!!!!!!!

I was searching for some misplaced ornaments yesterday and came across this photo of Christmas 1971. This is my Mother,myself,and brother Billy.We lived in Ohio at the time. Back then it used to snow like crazy! You were guarunteed several feet of snow when it happened. As kids we would be out of school for days on end. We would go to our local park and use those giant truck inertubes and fly down these monsterous hills! My Father always had several snowmobiles and we would ride those with him and the neighbors.What fun!!!!!Hey check out that television in the background! Too funny huh? MEMORIES!!! Until next time..............?

Monday, November 17, 2008

New listings on E-bay!

Wow I thought I'd never get these finished and listed! Hmmm let's see I had pink eye now I have a severs sinus infection! I feel yucky and I need to get these other dollies, that are awaiting to be sewn up, finished! Christmas is just around the corner and there is so much to be done! Does anyone have any elves I can borrow??Anyhow here's another Santa and a dapper Snowman! Until next time!!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sneak Peek!!!

Here is my offering for November's PFATT Marketplace! He is one grand Snow Fella! Lot's of stitchin and wonderful wools used to make this guy! Pfatt will open on Nov. 10th. WHEW!!! Just made it!

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Taylor and her Sneakers cat !!!!

I caught these pics the other night when Taylor was hanging out in Her "Footy" pajamas. She adores those things! I kept calling her into the other room and she said she couldn't get up because she had something laying on her. I ran and snapped a couple of pics before Crazy man jumped down.

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Hallowe'en !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Yes ,I would have loved to have posted these pics last night but.....after Trick or Treat and watching Ghost Hunters most of the night I was wiped out!!! These are just a few pics of Taylor and one of Taylor with Gunner! She was,if you haven't guessed, a Pirate !!! She had a blast running to all of the houses gathering candy and such! We ended up at the end of the night at our local Chick-a-fila. One of the churches here in town host thier Trunk or Treat there every year.Did anyone else here in Blogland watch Ghost Hunters?? I just LOVE these guys! Well until next time friends.........

Black Santa and Snowgirl !!!!!!!!!!!!

These are my newest pieces that are listed on E-bay right now !! The Santa is dressed in a 1800's cutter quilt! Love this guy! These pieces end on the Nov. 5th so go check em out!
Snowgirl with her Clay Bucket
Santa in Quilt Coat